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Plate Glass and Mirrors

If you’re looking for a mirror that is more affordable and of higher quality than plate glass, give your local Glass Doctor® a call at 855-603-1919Our custom mirror options containing float glass are a lot more affordable than plate glass mirrors and allow for a smoother, modern look.

The History of Plate Glass and Float Glass

Float glass is higher quality, easier to clean, less expensive to make, and has been the industry standard for the last half century. In 2005, Popular Mechanics named float glass one of the top 50 inventions of the past 50 years.

Though no longer made in the United States, plate glass still has its place as a valuable commodity, and is sought after by homeowners looking for a more historic touch. Most older plate glass mirrors were hand-crafted and have proven to be a worthy investment.

Benefits of Float Glass

It doesn’t take a high-priced plate glass mirror to make a big impact on a room. Consider what a basic float glass mirror can do when used correctly:

  • Make hallways appear longer
  • Create depth in a kitchen
  • Provide a panoramic view of decorative pieces in a room
  • Redirect natural light to highlight other spaces or deflect it away from where it isn’t wanted

What to Expect with Glass Doctor

When you’re ready to install float glass mirrors, our experts will come to your home to conduct measurements and provide a free consultation for any new, repaired, or replaced mirror. After the consultation, our specialists will provide you with a free quote and create the perfect mirror for your home.

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