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5 Ways to Make Your Shower More Awesome

Like it or not, you spend a good portion of your morning routine in the bathroom. It is what it is. Take shower – brush teeth – style hair. It’s the same schedule day-in and day-out. You can either approach it with a ho-hum demeanor or with a hot-diggity spark.

But it’s kind of hard to be hot-diggity if your shower has the blahs. What if you could find a way to make your shower awesome? Here are five easy and inexpensive ways you can make your shower awesome to ensure you start your day with a hot-diggity!

Awesomeness #1

Change the shower curtain. This is one of the easiest ways to add a little pizzazz to a bathroom. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. If you normally prefer a solid print, swap for animal print. If you usually gravitate toward plaid designs, go for a bold floral motif. You get the idea. It’s amazing the difference a little shower curtain can make.

Awesomeness #2

Dry it off. Soap scum has a way of making a normally pretty shower a bit of a yuck. You can prevent scum from building up in the first place if after each shower you 1) dry off the tub and faucets with your towel and 2) do a quick swipe over the shower walls with a squeegee.


Clean the showerhead. Nothing says ho-hum like a slow drizzle down your back or an erratic jet stream in the eye. All you need to clean your showerhead is white vinegar, a plastic baggie, and a rubber band. That’s it. Here’s a link with a little more detail to get you started. 

Awesomeness #4

Get organized. Maybe it’s time to toss the old soaps and shampoos and even bring in a few new accessories to help organize. has some clever and unique organizing tips to help you declutter.

Awesomeness #5

Turn on the tunes. Everyone knows a shower is the bomb-dot-com when it comes to singing your favorite songs. So go ahead let it go. If you need some help with your playlist, has a listing of the top shower-singing songs. Ritchie Valens’ La Bamba, Notorious B.I.G.’s Hypnotize, Haddaway’s What is Love and Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ are some of the top songs to sing in the shower. 

So there you have it. Not only are your Glass Doctor professionals interested in fixing your panes, they also want you to have an awesome shower too!