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Are Glass Stair Railings Safe?

If you’re seeking a streamlined, sophisticated look for your home or business staircase, you will likely come across design inspiration that features popular glass stair railings. The visual is striking, but did it leave you wondering, “Are glass stair railings safe?” 

If you love the look of a glass stair railing, you’ll be thrilled to learn that glass railings are as safe as or even safer than other types of stair railings – that is, when they are professionally installed!

Read on to learn more about glass stair railings, including how they enhance the look and functionality of a staircase, and the features that make them so safe.

Glass Stair Railings for Home and Business

Glass stair railings elevate the design of any residential or commercial space. While there are many different designs available, customization options allow you to dream up almost any configuration you want.

The beauty of glass is that it works with any type of room and complements a wide range of architectural styles and color schemes. Glass is clear, so you don’t have to worry about getting the just-right railing shade to match your space. It’s also low-maintenance and long-lasting, making it a smart investment.

Unlike other types of railing, glass does not break up space horizontally into two parts. Instead, glass railing facilitates the unobstructed flow of light throughout the room or staircase. The result is a space that appears larger than it is. Even the ceilings look higher than they would with a traditional railing.

What Makes Glass Railings a Safe Option?

When you think of a product made of glass, you may compare it to the fragility of a drinking glass. Many home and business owners are concerned that the glass will not be able to support enough weight, or that accidental blunt force could shatter it.

In reality, glass railings are just as sturdy as other materials, if the custom railings or glass stair railing kit comes from a reputable source and are installed according to best practice. Here’s why:

  • Glass Railings Are Made of Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered safety glass is heat-treated to increase the surface strength and alter the breaking pattern. It’s approximately four times stronger than typical glass and will not shatter into dangerously sharp glass shards. Instead, in the rare case it happens to break, the tempered glass falls apart into small, relatively harmless cubes.

  • They Have No Small Spaces for Children or Pets to Get Stuck or Squeeze Through

Unlike many other railing options, glass railings have no openings, slats or bars that a child or pet could fall through or get stuck in. Children are unable to climb on glass railings because there is no space for them to place a foot.

  • They Are Rot- and Decay-Free

Glass does not rot or decay; it maintains its integrity and remains securely in place. Glass stair railing support structures are typically made of metal, which also resists rot and decay.

  • And Manufactured with Safety Top of Mind

High-quality fasteners enhance stability and security and reinforce the load-bearing capability of the     glass railing.

Unfortunately, all safety benefits are negated if the railing is not installed correctly. Without professional installation it’s unlikely the railing will be up to code. Choosing your local Glass Doctor® for the installation will provide you with peace of mind and a striking new addition to your home.

Glass Stair Railing Kits

Glass stair railing kits are available. These railings are designed for either residential or commercial use and meet industry standards for safety and security. Work with your local Glass Doctor to determine whether a commercially available glass stair railing kit may meet your needs.

Design Custom Glass Stair Railings to Meet Your Needs

Perhaps you want to include a glass staircase enclosure or have a certain type of hardware in mind. Whatever your preference, Glass Doctor will work with you to come up with the customized glass stair railing concept that you want for your home or business.

Popular customization options include:

  • Laminated finish to make the tempered glass railing even stronger.
  • Custom-cut glass to achieve the railing look you have in mind.
    • Tinted or patterned glass, custom support structures and even branded glass appliques add a personal touch, or branded look, to the glass railing.


Working with our team of professionals will make the customization process hassle-free and efficient, giving you the results, you want. There’s no need to settle for anything other than what you envision for the staircase.

Call Glass Doctor Today for Professional Glass Stair Design and Railing Installation

If you’re ready to bring safe, beautiful and customized glass stair railings into your home or business, your local Glass Doctor can help you select the perfect design. Choose from our wide selection of glass stair railing kits or request our custom glass stair railing services.

Then, our experienced service professionals will perform the installation to ensure your railings meet the highest standards for both safety and appearance. Request an appointment online or call (833) 974-0209 today to get started.

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