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Enter, Fido! Custom Dog Doors for Large Dogs

When it comes to doggie doors, owners of small-breed dogs have it easy. They can select just about any pet door size, and their dogs fit without difficulty. These pet owners can kiss those days of cleaning up pet urine good-bye because their animals can roam the yard whenever they please.

Things are different if you own a Great Dane, Newfoundland, Mastiff, or Irish Wolfhound. These giant-breed dogs are some of the largest in the world and may require custom dog doors. Here are some of the solutions available to you.

Install a Prefabricated Dog Door for Large Dogs

The largest standard prefab doggie doors measure about 13 inches by 23 inches. This is suitable for any dog measuring 11 inches or less at the widest part of the body and 21 inches or less from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the chest just behind the front legs. If your dog is taller or wider than this “extra large” size, you may have the option of ordering a custom dog door, which takes longer to process and costs more than buying a standard-sized door.

Once your order arrives, you’ll need to install the dog door yourself. This involves tracing a template on your door, making a cut-out with a jigsaw, and inserting the dog door frame and flap into the opening. If you love DIY projects and have a wood, fiberglass, or steel patio door, this could be the perfect option for you.

Hire Glass Doctor® to Install a Custom Doggie Door

You can save time and energy by purchasing an exterior door that comes with a prefabricated doggie door already built-in. However, finding a standard dog door big enough for your St. Bernard remains a challenge.

That’s where Glass Doctor comes in! We install custom pet doors into existing sliding glass patio doors to eliminate the hassle of finding a big dog door that will work for your Great Pyrenees. We work with the top pet door manufacturers to ensure your installation is energy-efficient, operates quietly, and provides long-lasting performance.

The big dog doors Glass Doctor installs are made of the best materials, including fusion-welded frames and thermal pane safety glass. These pet doors open, slide, and lock as needed for security purposes. Insulated glass and a double-walled flap with built-in weatherstripping ensure you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency for convenience.

The Big Dog Door Installation Process

If you have a sliding glass patio door, here’s what the dog door installation process entails:

  • We arrive at your home, discuss your needs, and take measurements.
  • We place an order for a sliding glass door with a built-in custom dog door for large dogs. This way, there’s no need to drill or cut glass.
  • Our technicians install your custom sliding glass door to meet your needs perfectly. We clean up after ourselves to leave the area spotless and ready to go.

Don’t have a sliding glass patio door? No problem! We install pet doors in a variety of door types, including storm doors, patio doors, front and back entry doors, interior doors, and more.

With over 40 years of experience completing custom glass work, you know you can trust our team to perform a job well done. Our courteous, uniformed professionals take your needs seriously and ensure a highly satisfactory end product for you and your large-breed dog to enjoy for many years to come.

If you could benefit from our extra large dog door installation services, please contact us today to learn more!