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Glass Barn Doors – Are They Worth the Hype?

Glass barn doors are a hot new trend in interior design. As homeowners pivot from farmhouse comfort to modernism, many find glass barn doors are the perfect marriage between rustic and polished.

And these beautiful doors aren’t just trendy – they’re highly functional too! If you’re considering full-glass barn doors or wooden barn doors with glass windows, keep reading to learn about your options.

What Are Glass Barn Doors?

Barn doors are any type of large, sliding panel door hung on decorative rails, or tracks. Glass barn doors give a modern twist to this classic design by incorporating large glass panels instead of wood. This gives you all the handsome simplicity of a sliding barn door without sacrificing light.

Interior Glass Barn Doors: Our Favorite Styles

There are a few types of interior glass barn doors to choose from.

  • Fully glass barn doors

Fully glass barn doors are as modern as you can get! Made of single large glass panels, these doors often come with metal accessories and slide on aluminum tracks instead of decorative rails. Choose frosted glass for private spaces, or completely clear glass for the feeling of open space.

  • Windowed glass barn doors

Windowed glass barn doors achieve the “warm modernism” look that is so trendy right now by combining rustic wood with glass. This type of barn door may have a wooden frame around a single glass panel or multiple wood-framed windows.

  • Barn-style sliding glass shower doors

Barn-style sliding glass shower doors are just what they sound like – barn doors for your shower stall. Due to their hanging design, barn doors give you a clean aesthetic without the bulky frames or handles on typical shower doors.


Your Glass Barn Door Design Options

Trying to choose the right glass barn door for your home? There is an indoor glass barn door for almost any design aesthetic. Take a look around the space you’ve chosen for installation. Note the materials and colors already present, such as wood, glass or metal accents. To warm up the space, choose a barn door with a wood frame or windows set in wood. If you are trying to maximize the amount of light in a darker space, go for large glass panels or a fully glass door.

Don’t forget to consider options for the type of glass itself! Glass Doctor has many custom offerings for our clients, including tinted, patterned, textured and custom-cut glass.

Need Help Installing Glass Barn Doors at Your Home?

Ready to take the glass barn doors plunge? From customization to installation, Glass Doctor’s local experts are here to serve you. For help with any and all custom glass needs, call (833) 974-0209 or request an appointment online to get started.

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