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Glass Shower Door Ideas

A modern bathroom with a frameless glass shower door

Glass shower doors provide a modern look for any bathroom. Thanks to their transparency, light reflects off the glass and brightens up the room. Glass shower doors open up small spaces and make them appear larger.

A few unique shower door ideas to get you started:

  • Frameless shower door with frosted glass.
  • Glass shower door framed with raw steel and hung with industrial hardware.
  • No door at all! A glass splash guard for walk-in showers.
  • Glass shower door with a black frame for contrast.
  • Hanging glass shower doors with barn door hardware for a rustic look.

Shopping for a Shower Glass Door

Your budget, the type of glass used, and how the glass is installed are the three main variables to consider.

Set a price you don’t want to exceed before you shop. The bathroom design and space will limit your options. For example: don’t shop for a barn-style sliding glass door if there isn’t space to hang the door. If the only window in the bathroom is behind the shower door glass avoid frosted glass, which will limit the amount of natural light that fills the room.

Frameless Shower Glass Doors

These shower doors use seamless design to enclose your shower. The minimalist design comes in a variety of styles. You can select from sliding doors, swinging doors, or even fixed splash guards. The glass must be thicker, since there are no structural elements for strength. They are typically more expensive than framed shower glass doors. Frameless doors offer more options for customization such as glass and hardware and are easier to repair when something breaks thanks to their simple design.

Customizing a Shower Glass Door

Once you’ve decided on the style, you can begin to narrow down your options. Certain decisions may already be made for you by the manufacturer since not all styles are available in certain designs. If you want to select the hardware, style, frame material and glass type, your best bet is to work with a frameless shower door manufacturer who can customize those options for you.

Don’t set your heart on a certain glass type or frame material until you confirm it’s offered by the manufacturer. Finding that perfect shower door is a balance of compromises or paying more to get what you want.

Shower Door Glass

Shower door glass can be clear, frosted or decorated with different manufacturing techniques. You may try to carry a design theme into the bathroom with frosted glass designs, or you may simply want more privacy behind the glass. Frosting the bottom half of the glass provides privacy and a unique look. Certain manufacturers offer designs and even custom monograms.

Shower Door Frame Material

The material of the shower door frame can make or break the design. Use this opportunity to keep a cohesive theme with the rest of the house and bathroom design. Bronze or brass shower door frames will develop a patina over time and give the bathroom a unique rustic look. Steel framed shower doors that pivot on large oversized hinges doors offer an industrial look. Black framed shower glass doors provide contrast and a bold look.

Shower Door Design

Consider the design of the bathroom and what type of door is conducive to the bathroom layout. Don’t select a pivot door in cramped spaces. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to be a door – a splash guard is a great option for a minimalist look and seamless flow for walk-in showers. Carry farmhouse themes into the bathroom with a barn door style shower door. Neo-angle frameless doors are great for small spaces or incorporating angles and geometry into the design of the bathroom. Look for faucets, showerheads and fixtures that match the shower door frame to keep the design cohesive.

Professional Shower Door Installation

The door you choose should reflect the aesthetic you’re looking for and be within budget. If you can’t find that perfect shower door, Glass Doctor can help. We can build a custom glass shower door to help you create the look you what. Our glass shower door installation services takes into consideration the bathroom layout, size, building materials, and proper ventilation for a safe and durable installation. Give us a call at 833-974-0209, or schedule an appointment online.

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