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Guide to Proper Car Mirror Alignment

Why Is Car Mirror Alignment Important?

At Glass Doctor® we want to ensure that our customers have the best driving experience possible. This includes making sure windshields, windows and mirrors are properly taken care of and maintained. In order to have the safest driving experience, it’s important to take time before you put the car into drive, to adjust the mirrors to make sure you are able to see clearly out of all your mirrors. In this blog we will focus on the value of seeing behind you with your rearview mirror, and the side mirrors for best protection for yourself and other drivers. 


Have you ever hopped in the car for your morning commute, and realized that your spouse must have driven your car… because all of your seat and mirror settings are adjusted?! Cars these days are extremely versatile and are able to accommodate for drivers of all heights.  However, after someone else has driven your car or you borrow someone else’s, be sure to follow these safety steps for best protection while on the road:

Mirror Alignment Steps

  • First, according to the American Automobile Association, (AAA) in order to adjust the rearview mirror to your best comfort, it is best to sit in the driver’s seat and adjust the mirror up and down so you can see straight back through the cabin of the car and you only have to move your eyes to see directly through to the back window. 
  • Next, to properly adjust the driver’s side mirror, place your head against the left window so you can see the side of the car in the mirror’s right side.
  • Finally, for the passenger side mirror, position your head just above the center console so you can barely see the side of the car in the left side of the mirror.


Although mirrors are very helpful when driving, always be sure to check the blind spots. According to Driver Active, a blind spot is an area that cannot be seen and is masked by the car’s structure. The Texas Department of Public Safety reminds drivers to always be aware of your surroundings, check all mirrors, and look over the proper shoulder before making a lane change into merging traffic. The risk of a crash can be reduced by taking these simple adjustment steps, and quickly turning around to check blind spots before changing lanes. 


Remember it is important to make sure you can see clearly on the road; keep your mirrors clean and your friends and family safe by contacting your local Glass Doctor for all your auto glass and mirror repair and replacement needs.