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How to Install a Sliding Glass Shower Door

Framed sliding glass shower door

Follow these eight steps to properly install a sliding glass shower door:

1)    Measure the top and bottom track areas.

2)    Cut the tracks to length.

3)    Drill holes for the tracks and jambs.

4)    Lay a bead of silicone on the bottom of the track.

5)    Install the tracks with the hardware provided.

6)    Install the door in the tracks.

7)    Attach any hardware (e.g., towel bars or handles) on the door.

8)    Adjust the rollers for smooth operation.

Glass shower doors add a modern touch to any bathroom. The glass also reflects light and brightens up small spaces. Look for a style that matches the bathroom’s overall aesthetic. There are a lot of options! Below, we break down each step of installing a sliding glass shower door. 

How to Install a Sliding Shower Door

These instructions should be referenced alongside the manufacturer’s recommendations. Since all glass shower doors are different, there may be subtle differences in installation requirements.

Tools Needed

  • Hacksaw
  • Metal file
  • Silicone caulk and dispenser
  • Drill with bits
  • Masking tape
  • Bubble level
  • Screwdriver

Installation Steps

Gather all your tools and supplies before you begin. A second set of hands isn’t necessary, but having someone to assist is simplest. Unpack the glass shower door, and make sure you have all the hardware before you begin. Identify the top and bottom track and door jambs, and separate them accordingly.

Prep the Bottom Track and Wall Jambs

  1. Measure the distance between the walls where the bottom track will be installed. The manufacturer’s instructions should provide a suggestion, but typically the length of the track should be about a 1/4” less than the actual distance between each wall, to allow room for the hardware. Mark this distance on the bottom track, and use your hacksaw and trim to length.
  2. Use a metal file to remove burrs and rough edges where you used the saw.
  3. Place the bottom track in position, right in the center of the ledge. Use masking tape to temporarily hold it in place. Make a pencil mark along the edge of the track and on each end so you’ll able to align it later.
  4. Next, prepare the wall jambs. Use a level to ensure proper, plumb installation. Use masking tape to hold one jamb in place. Mark the screw holes on the wall with a pencil. Repeat the same process with the other door jamb.

Install the Bottom Track and Wall

  1. Remove the taped wall jambs, and drill holes where you made your marks. Use the correct size of drill bit based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Insert the wall anchor hardware provided into each hole you drilled.
  2. Install the door jambs, and secure them to the anchors with the hardware provided. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws.
  3. Remove the taped bottom track, and lay a bead of silicone caulk on the underside. Replace the bottom track, lining it up with the marks you made earlier. Install all necessary hardware.  

Measure and Install the Top

Measure the distance between both walls at the top of the door frame. Subtract enough distance from this measurement to allow room for hardware. (Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.) Mark this measurement on the top track, and cut it with a hacksaw. File the rough edges where you cut the track. Install the top track over the wall jambs, with the correct side facing out. Use the hardware provided to secure it.

Assemble and Install the Sliding Glass Door

Install the sliding hardware on the glass door. If the door is coated, make sure the uncoated side faces out. Once the hardware is installed, hang the doors on the top track. Slide the door back and forth to check for smooth operation. You may need to adjust the brackets using different mounting holes if the door doesn’t slide smoothly.

Professional Shower Door Installation

Need a helping hand? The experts at Glass Doctor have the experience and expertise required to install a variety of shower glass doors. If you would prefer professional installation or would rather spend your time doing something else, don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call at 833-974-0209, or schedule an appointment online.

Safety is more important that a good-looking shower! Once your shower door is installed, make sure you have GFCI outlets in your bathroom. Due to moisture and humidity, all bathroom outlets should be GFCI to prevent electrical shock. Mr. Electric has everything you need to know about GFCI outlets and why they’re important. Mr. Electric is part of Neighborly’s trusted network of home service providers committed to helping people keep their homes in great shape.