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It's Getting Hot in Here

Brian Wilson once said, “Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.”

Brian is 100 percent correct. He is spot on and we couldn’t agree with him more. Summer is all about having fun. However, for those responsible for paying the summer utility bills, summer can also be synonymous with stifling heat and increased bills. And in case you were wondering, an increased electric bill isn’t a bucket load of fun.

Now, there are obvious ways to reduce your summer utility bills like setting air conditioner to 78 degrees and utilizing fans. But did you know that your home windows can be a huge culprit when it comes to increased utility bills? In some cases it’s like you’re literally throwing money right out the window.

Your Glass Doctor specialists want to help bring back the happy times and good sunshine to your summer. We’re going to help you trap in that incredibly awesome and cool air by prepping your windows for the summer heat because…it’s getting’ hot in here!

  • Replace single-pane windows with double-pane windows (IGUs) to reduce the amount of heat that gets into your home and lower your energy bill. A lower utility bill is just one of the really cool benefits to IGUs.
  • Install low-e windows. Low-emissive windows are treated with a coating that reflects heat, but still allows light to pass through.
  • Apply tinting to windows. Glass tinting provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays and it also shields the interior of your home from harmful sun exposure.
  • Choose a tightly woven window screen to significantly reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that get through your windows.
  • Fill in air leaks by sealing the cracks on drafty windows with a polyurethane caulk. This is a simple, cheap and temporary fix that will help keep the cool air in and the warm air out.
  • Install outside awnings to provide shade without obstructing views.

For additional tips on how you can be more energy efficient at home, you can read the Glass Doctor Being Energy Efficient blog.

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