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Let's Talk Glass with Ed Sieber

Dual Sealed Insulated Glass Replacement Service

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It’s a beautifully, sunny Sunday morning. You pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back with the daily paper and gaze out the window to take in the glorious sunrise but your view is hampered by a foggy haze. You grab your glass cleaner and go to town on the window to no avail. The haze is actually inside of the window. Now you not only have a cold cup of coffee but you’ve also missed the sunrise and you still have a foggy window. Now what?

It’s insulated glass replacement to the rescue!

Glass Doctor: What exactly is dual sealed insulated glass replacement service?
Ed Sieber: It’s when we come in and remove old, foggy or broken windows and replace with brand new, dual sealed insulated windows.

Glass Doctor: Dual sealed insulated windows sound like a fancy-schmancy industry term. What are are dual sealed insulated windows?
Ed Sieber: Dual sealed insulated windows or insulated glass units (IGUs) are basically two pieces of glass with an insulating spacer that separates the two panes of glass and seals the space between them.

Glass Doctor: Why is this service important to consumers?
Ed Sieber: When windows are foggy, homeowners can’t enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of their own home. 

Glass Doctor: Are there other benefits of IGUs
Ed Sieber: Definitely. Aside from the aesthetics of making foggy and hazy windows pretty again, there are other significant benefits to IGUs. IGUs provide climate control and make your home more energy efficient, which ultimately reduces utility bills. IGUs also provide a buffer from outside noise and increase your home’s value.

Glass Doctor: Why do you enjoy insulated glass replacement service?
Ed Sieber: One of our customers recently sold their home. And at the last minute, the buyer decided that they needed several windows replaced. We received a call from the seller on a Wednesday asking if we could replace windows in time for the Friday closing. Because we can manufacture our own IGUs, we were able to measure and install the windows on Thursday. The closing went off without a hitch on Friday. 

Glass Doctor: Do you have any nuggets of wisdom to share with the readers?
Ed Sieber: This may sound weird, but homeowners need to look into glass tabletops. Glass tops protect wood surfaces and allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty of the wood finish a lot longer. And of course, Glass Doctor can take care of glass tabletops just like IGUs.

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