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Stop Blocking the View: Luxury Glass Deck Railings

Ready to create the perfect deck with a view? Nothing beats the visual appeal of glass railings. Whether you want to enhance your backyard deck, front patio or balcony, glass deck railing will provide the luxury and elegance you desire. Here's everything you should know about this stylish upgrade.

The Basics of Glass Panel Deck Railings

No deck or patio is complete without a custom glass deck railing. Railings create a clear border around an outdoor space. Adding railings is the perfect way to transform your patio or deck into a safe, usable living area. And glass railings let you enjoy your great view without any obstructions.

Tempered lass that is one-quarter inch thick or thicker is the material of choice for glass railings. Unlike other glass options, tempered glass breaks into small, smooth pieces. You'll never find yourself worrying about jagged, sharp edges if a panel is damaged. This type of glass can withstand harsh weather conditions and is the perfect safety feature for any deck. If you want durable, long-lasting railings, tempered glass is the way to go.

It's easy to customize glass railings to fit your personal style. Homeowners can opt for an aluminum or wood frame. Many choose wood for its added warmth, but aluminum is modern-looking and easy to maintain. Frameless designs are also available for those who want an option that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding view. There are options for everyone, and you're sure to find something that suits you.

Reasons to Upgrade to Glass Railings

Glass has quickly become the material of choice when it comes to deck railings. As more homeowners begin to upgrade their luxury decks with glass panels, the benefits are hard to ignore. Here are the top reasons to go with glass railings:

  • Glass panels provide unobstructed views all year long. You bought your home because of the view, and now you can enjoy it all the time, from any angle.
  • Tempered glass can withstand the elements. It won't crack or shatter under harsh conditions. Your new railings will act as a barrier against wind, rain and other forces of nature.
  • There are fewer safety concerns. Since glass panels aren't slatted, you don't have to worry about your kids or pets getting stuck between railing slats.
  • Glass creates a modern aesthetic. It's the ideal choice for those who prefer clean lines and simple designs.
  • You'll boost your property value. Many potential homebuyers love the look of glass panels and will pay top dollar to have them. After installing glass railings, you'll surely see a significant return on your investment.

How to Build a Glass Deck Railing

If you have an unsecured deck, balcony or patio, it's time to add railings to define the space. Building a new deck from scratch? Check out Mr. Handyman's Deck Material Calculator. Mr. Handyman® is a trusted member of the Neighborly® family of home service brands and is ready to help you tackle your next home improvement project.

Want to try building a deck railing on your own? The first step is to make a frame out of wood or aluminum. The frame will house each custom glass panel. Even if you want a frameless railing, you'll need to install supports. You need to place each panel at regular intervals and brace the glass securely in place.

While it may not sound too hard on paper, installing glass railings requires a lot of skill and expertise. It's not a simple DIY project. Working with glass is tricky. One wrong move and your glass will end up in pieces. That's why it's always best to hire a glass expert to tackle this complex project for you.

Leave the Intricate Glass Work to the Pros

Now that you know what it takes to build a glass deck railing, it's time to get started! The experts at Glass Doctor® can help you during the entire process. Working with glass is our specialty, and we can help you pick out the right custom options to enhance your property. Request an appointment online or call (833) 974-0209 to discuss all your glass railing needs.