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Which Shower Enclosure Works Best for Your Space?

A beautiful shower has the power to completely transform your bathroom. When given a little extra attention, your shower can easily become the focal point of your space. When renovating your shower, there are several trends to keep in mind, such as dual showerheads, body jets, built-in seats and removing the tub completely. However, not all trends and features work well in all spaces.

Glass Doctor has developed a guide to choosing a shower enclosure that works best for your space. Explore these design ideas and partner with our professionals to create your dream shower!


The first step in your shower renovation/creation process is to evaluate your space. Whether you’re moving into a new home or you’re parting with an outdated shower you’ve used for years, evaluate what you like and dislike about the shower and the space surrounding it, including what works and what doesn’t.

There are several different types of shower enclosures, including:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Semi-oval
  • Half-circle
  • Hexagonal

If you don’t jump on the “removing the tub” trend, you can always add glass to a shower-tub combo! Don’t settle for a curtain that will get dingy with time.

In addition, “bespoke” designs that are made-to-order are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of viewing the oddities of your bathroom layout as a disadvantage, embrace them! Take advantage of the nooks and crannies that make your bathroom unique and consider building your shower into them. At Glass Doctor, we provide custom glass solutions to build your shower where you want and how you want it.

Framed v. Frameless

Framed showers are the most traditional shower type. They offer a tight seal, proving to be extremely effective in keeping water where it belongs. In addition, they typically cost less than their frameless counterparts. For a more updated framed look, try chrome instead of brass!

Alternately, frameless showers are the modern alternative to traditional framed styles. Frameless enclosures create an illusion of more space, as the glass isn’t “broken up” with dividing pieces of brass or chrome. Frameless solutions are easier to clean, but require thicker glass, which is more expensive. However, you’ll have much more design freedom by going frameless.

Do you desire more of a “wet-room” look? Consider skipping glass altogether and creating a walk-in shower experience. This shower type makes your bathroom design cohesive and harmonious, and offers great accessibility for children and the elderly.

Sizeable Door Solutions

When it comes to shower doors, the size of your bathroom shouldn’t limit the creativity of your design. Here are some design suggestions for creating a beautiful entrance to your shower, regardless of the size of it’s home:

For smaller bathrooms, consider choosing a design with sliding doors, round doors or bi-fold doors that open inward to save space.

For larger bathrooms, consider either hinged doors or pivot doors. With pivot doors, the far edge of the door swings back into the shower, so it requires less room than a hinged door does.

Looking for more shower solutions? Visit our Shower Idea Center! Here, you’ll find a shower door gallery, vendors, bathroom remodeling ideas and more. Ready to implement an idea? Schedule a consultation with a Glass Doctor professional today! 

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