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Glass Doctor Introduces Infographic with Windshield Deicing Tips

Use these tips to clear ice from the windshield for safe winter driving.

WACO, Texas (January 15, 2015) – Glass Doctor® has introduced a new infographic, giving consumers simple tips on how to deice their windshields when winter weather hits.

As winter weather continues to get more severe, it is important to be sure vehicles are always safe before driving. The windshield is one of the most problematic areas when preparing a vehicle for winter driving. An icy windshield can be a severe obstacle when attempting to safely operate a vehicle.

The infographic gives three simple ways to safely remove ice from the windshield without damaging the glass. A good way to deice a windshield is by using a credit card to scrape the ice off. Using a credit card or another piece of plastic can effectively remove the ice without risking scratching the windshield.

A better way to deice the windshield is to use a can of deicer and then scrape the ice off of the windshield with an ice scraper or similar tool. Be sure not to use anything made of metal, as that could cause the windshield to be scratched.

The best way to deice a windshield, according to Glass Doctor is by starting the vehicle and running the defroster on high for a few minutes prior to driving the vehicle.