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Glass Doctor Provides Tips for Easy Home Upgrades

These affordable custom glass solutions can improve the look of any home

WACO, Texas (March 1, 2015) – As winter comes to a close and the time for spring cleaning approaches, consumers might be looking for ways to not only clean their homes, but to upgrade them as well. While the thought of major home renovations can leave many homeowners concerned about the impact on their budget and hassle in their lives, Glass Doctor® has some simple custom glass solutions that can make the home feel new and fresh.

Glass shelves and tabletops are a great way to subtle upgrade the home without too much work. Glass shelves can add a modern elegance to any room of the house. Additionally, glass tabletops are a great way to give dining tables, buffets and counters a modern look, while also protecting from scratches, heat and other hazard.

Custom glass can also serve other purposes as well. Glass tabletops can be made from tinted or coated glass, protecting furniture from harmful UV rays. Laminated or tempered glass can be used to protect children and pets in the event of breakage. Custom glass tabletops are also great for writing desks, coffee tables and antique furniture. Tabletop glass can be cut into a variety of shapes and size and completed with customizable, finished edges, such as round, oval, rectangle, square, octagonal or beveled.

Mirrors are also an affordable upgrade that can be made to the home, as they improve light, adding the illusion of space in any room. Mirrors can also be used as decorative pieces and can be cut to a variety of custom designs, as well as be beveled and tinted.

Custom glass is often overlooked when considering some quick and affordable ways to upgrade home furnishings. However, these items can add to home décor, while also providing functionality.